<< April 1May 13, 2010 

Hi everyone... it's been over a month since the last status update, and I've had a couple of requests for another one. In case you're unfamiliar with how this whole thing got started, I've written up a description of what happened the day of the attack - it's posted here: http://www.cutthechatter.com/2010/05/attack.html

I've been home for just over a month, and overall, I'm doing pretty well. I certainly have my good days and bad days, but I think the good days are outnumbering the bad days. For the record, I would define a "bad day" as one where I lie down on the couch for most of the day because I don't have the energy to get up. On the good days, I can empty the dishwasher, make the boys breakfast and pack their lunches, do laundry, and even rake a few leaves. I try to keep as active as I can, to build up my energy and try to rebuild some of the muscle mass that I've lost. Let me rephrase that last bit for accuracy: I should keep as active as I can. I'm not always good at actually doing it. Gail tries to get me to walk around the block (most of 1 km) up to three times a day, and some days I can do it, other days just doing it once tires me out.

The surgery incision has healed from the outside and is now just a long scar, but there is still pressure on the inside, and some days this can be painful. It also makes me walk hunched over unless I make a conscious effort not to. The other incisions (where I had tubes and drains and things) are all healed but one - that one got infected last week, but the infection was only superficial and is pretty much gone now.

I have lost quite a bit of weight. A couple of days before my attack, I weighed about 178 pounds (and wouldn't have minded losing ten or so). When I came home from the hospital, I was 151, and three weeks later I was down to 141.5. The problem was that my stomach had shrunk so much (from two months without solid food) that I couldn't take in enough calories to maintain my weight. I'm continuing to try to stretch my stomach and take in more calories. I still have a few pounds to gain.

I haven't just been stuck in the house - the four of us went to see the Disney film "Oceans" on Earth Day, we've been out for dinner a couple of times, we went to see a local (Waterdown) production of Anne of Green Gables, and on May 1 we went to the ACC to watch my beloved Toronto Rock come from behind to beat the Buffalo Bandits in National Lacrosse League playoff action. The game was great, but the trek downtown and back was quite tiring, and I was lying on the couch most of Sunday. I helped out at a Scouting event last weekend, and I've driven a car a few times in town.

I am hoping to return to work around the beginning of June. I need to talk to my boss and my doctor to confirm the details. This will likely involve working from home for a while, since driving to and from the office (65 km each way) will be challenging. My ability to focus and concentrate on a single task is improving every day.