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Hi everyone! I'm sending my own update this time, because of some good news. I am having surgery this evening (March 16) to drain the pseudo-cyst that has formed on and around my pancreas (which is getting very large and uncomfortable), and also to remove my gall bladder. The doctor says that after the surgery, I will probably remain in the hospital for another week or so, and then I will hopefully be able to go home, to continue recovery there.

The surgery will be performed here at Grand River hospital by Dr. Pace, who all the nurses I've talked to hold in very high regard.

I'm a little nervous about the surgery, but mainly what I'm feeling is relief. Everything up until now has been waiting for the surgery, but I didn't even know when that was going to be - could have been two weeks, or three months for all I knew. And for the first time, I now have a potential go-home date. It's not exact, but "7-10 days after surgery" is a lot better than "sometime within the next few months".

Gail will send another update once the surgery is done.