Family Lineage

This page is for any other Perrow's out there who are interested to know if we are related. In a nutshell, if you don't live in Scotland, the answer is probably no. I live in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, and my parents and sister Trudy also live in Canada, but we know of no other relatives with the surname of Perrow who live outside of Scotland.

My branch of the Perrow family tree is from Scotland, where my father was born. He and my mother emigrated to Canada in 1961, and my sister and I were born in Canada. I have a family tree going back seven generations, and the most popular male given name is "Samson". However, there hasn't been a Samson Perrow in at least three generations.

It is believed that my family name of Perrow is an anglicized version of "Pirou", a French surname. There are a large number of Perrow's in the Virginia area of the United States, who are also of French ancestry, but it is believed that their original name was Perreault, and so our families are not related. I have also heard (via email and our guest book) from Perrow's in South Africa and Australia.